2/22/12 Weds pm

The colonoscopy is scheduled for early tomorrow. Early this morning I got a fear that the problems I’m having will fix themselves, that my system got overwhelmed when I changed to mostly vegetarian diet. Then it reacted by flaring up, and hasn’t gotten a chance to settle down. I thought, what if just this fasting in prop for the colonoscopy will put my system back in gear. I worried, then we’ll have spent thousands of dollars on a procedure I don’t need. That’s my early-morning mind at work. Matt reassured me, when I told him my thoughts, that we’ll know for sure after the exam. Sigh, ok. Still, I feel optimistic about my health.

Today has been a slog, quite honestly. I was tired already when I woke up because of my midnight stool specimen ordeal – I hope that will be the last! All day I felt low-energy, tired and blah. I had decided not to make a bunch of teas, and forget about black coffee (ew). Matt was gone, so I worked, thankful to be solitary because I am tired, hungry, and impatient, but lonely!

I called the Dr’s office to ask if my TJ’s chicken broth would be ok to eat, and they said, ‘Oh yeah. That’ll be fine”.  I said “YES! I get dinner!”

BM’s came out like sludge, and blessedly waited until late afternoon to come.

Tomorrow is a 5:00am enema, which scares me!

So here we go!

Standing Ready for Diagnosis

Standing Ready for Diagnosis

Ok, February 28 I began posting cancer updates to my Facebook timeline. If one person gets a life-saving colon check-up because of my experience, then I’ve made a difference.

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