2/25/12 Sat. am

Yesterday I spent the day talking with friends and family, by email and phone, discussing my thoughts and feelings, and the hard facts about my diagnosis of colon cancer. This will take a lot of time, I can tell. I sent an email out to a list of people who I felt should know. Of course there were a lot of people I missed, so had to keep resending the same message to individuals.

Immediately I got a lot of responses, a few phone calls, probably more messages will be on my cell. I talked to my parents separately in the morning. My parents must be feeling disconnected by the distance (Portland vs LA). What can they do? They took the news pretty well. Matt has been the spokesperson because he greatly skilled at and accustomed to explaining very detailed topics and recalling technical info. He & I presented the news in a way that my parents would feel comfortable that we were handling the next steps as well as possible. Understandably concerned and with a lot of questions, they would have a lot of thinking to do.

All other responses came back eager to help out any way they could, were very surprised by the diagnosis and shared much compassion. That’s where my energy was most spent, and I felt it important to connect with my community to provide reassurance. Matt spent a great deal of time researching all he could find about my diagnosis and the medical system. This is one of his great strengths, as well as a form of coping for him.

By the end of the day, Matt & I were exhausted, emotionally drained. Looking ahead to 2 more days of anticipating the follow-up GI appointment, could time go any slower?

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