Hello World!

First full day of treatment down (chemo/radiation) yesterday, and doing alright. I’m getting to know the parade of patients that comes through the radiation ward every day like me.

Feeling a bit off, fatigued, queezy, but as long as it’s working, it’s worth all that. Cheers to my darling Matt for being my rock and my love. My deep gratitude for all the wishes and prayers I have received.

This describes how I feel these days. Like a boneless chicken on the Boneless Chicken Ranch.


So, I can’t drown my sorrows in beer anymore (not allowed to drink on this cancer-treatment diet).

Last night I was offered a pomegranate juice on the rocks (instead of margaritas). And I pictured myself today, like Bugs Bunny suffering the effects of mixing radish juice with carrot juice the night before, in the cartoon, “Hare Way to the Stars”.

What’s up Doc!


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