I love food and love to eat!

Matt & I worship the God of Good Eats at every meal, especially dinner when it is a creative, social time for us. It is also ultimately nutritious and nourishing. Several years now of refining our menu together has made us masters of every meal.

We work together very well, moving in concert around each other and the sink, refrigerator and stove. We look forward to dinner every morning when we wake up. When we shop for the week, we look forward to eventually eating whatever we bring home from the grocery store. We are serious foodies.

We call our home the “END OF THE ROAD CAFE” because we live at the end of a long road, and we love to eat and to feed people.

I know that at some point my love of food will be overtaken by horrible nausea from the radiation and chemo regimen, and who knows what else, so for now, I store up like a bear before hibernation.

Ugh is the word used to describe the energy sap. That, and I rather like the “Boneless Chicken” ref. Sleep was broken for the last two nights with bouts of diarrhea/gas, with episodes every 2 hours. Fatigued. Other than that, healthy appetite, good mood. Damn, I look skinny!

On this treatment regimen, I will need to up my calories, avoid roughage to avoid diarrhea, get more vitamin B6, Calcium, probiotics, electrolytes, potassuim and sodium, increase soluble fiber. And get this: MORE FATS AND OILS!! Joking?

It just seems so wrong that my life has been dedicated to nutritional eating, and now I am voluntarily putting poison in my mouth. I know, I know, it beats dying an early death, but seriously, there is a biohazard symbol on my bag of chemo pills!

Ok, salty, oily potatoes with mayo it is! Bring it!!

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