“It’s getting better all the time… better, better, better”

– The Beatles

Last week we had spotted some properties online in Ventura, CA that we wanted to look at more closely. Yesterday Matt & I drove out to meet our realtor, about a 45-minute drive from our home nest. By day 5 after completion of the chemo/radiation regimen, I thought it risky to sign on for a day of house hunting because of the fatigue and the bowel urgency, but I took the chance. I set up an understanding with the realtor and with Matt that we may only get to see “a few” houses, and my own understanding that this would be a long day.

Although I was a zombie by the end of the afternoon, I made it all the way through with little discomfort *insert pat on the back*. I had to rush along the tour of the last house, which NATURALLY was Matt’s favorite, because my attention span had expired, but hey, not my fault.

So in preparation for the day, and to mitigate any of my discomfort, Matt, the super genius he is, set this up just for me.

This get’s hooked to the tow ball of the car, and that way, wherever we are, we’re never far from a potty. What a guy!


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