1 1/2 weeks to surgery day, and I’ve found a new alternative treatment

Tomorrow morning Matt & I meet with the surgeon who will be performing my procedure, Dr. Childs. I will be examined to see how effective the preparation treatments were (ie. how fried that MF is), discuss surgical prep, and then we’ll discuss all Matt’s and my questions, like when can I start drinking again, will they provide enough painkillers to share with Matt, and so on.

Also today, I met by phone with a naturopathic medical doctor recommended to me regarding a brand new alternative therapy. Credentials seem to be good, as do her associates and alliances, and she is very excited about this therapy. This is taken as oral capsules and is derived from capsaicin (the hot element of chili peppers) and green tea. Many questions by both Matt & I were all answered. It is purported to be a stand-alone treatment. So I’m back to researching and questioning what I’ve already decided! Does it ever end!!!! No. It does not. The field is continually moving forward. Here is another example, a TED Talk video which Matt & I stumbled on last week.

Wednesday I will attend a webinar about managing colorectal cancer symptoms and treatments. Then next Wednesday, May 23rd is D Day, I go under the knife.

I often think to myself: “Thank goodness for a good, loving partner to be with me on this journey.”

Being ultra-aware of the 10 day countdown, I’m upping my diet of green tea, pepper, fresh veggies, and exercise.

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