Hello! Well, it’s 3 days away that I’m expecting surgery to remove a cancerous tumor from my rectal tissue,

And life has never been better than right now.

Last week Matt & I met my surgeon, Dr Tracey Childs. We went over questions and examined the results of the chemo/radiation. We were encouraged by the long-term success rate for this procedure. The tumor has shrunk down to a flat ulcer, which has given me incredible relief from symptoms. The surgery is this Wednesday May 23rd, and I am confidently on track for preparation and even feeling easier about the procedure. Matt will be staying in the hospital room with me. Having Matt here with me is something I am extraordinarily thankful for; he has made the most anxious of tasks easier to cope with. This time has been transformative for us as we realize we need and trust each other in a whole new way.

There will be 3 incisions made, local anesthesia used (I assume I’ll be out-cold, too). The tumor tissue and total mesorectal envelope will be removed and studied for lymph metasteses. My intestine will be crimped and temporary iliostomy bag attached to a port in my abdominal wall. We went over pain management, Dilaudid PCA + Toridol basal drip post-op. Due to acetaminophen allergy, vicodin and norco were ruled out, and Oxycodone was prescribed for home use.

I will be up and walking around by the first night. My stay at the hospital 3-7 days (I’m guessing by Monday or Tuesday May 28 or 29). Once home, I will have home health visits each day as I learn to handle the iliostomy. I will be able to eat whatever I feel like by modifying, ie cooked rather than raw vegetables. A second surgery is to happen in 1 1/2 months (about early July) to remove the ostomy bag and reattach the intestine to my new, improved colon.

I have ordered a neutraceutical alternative med (Capsol-T) which we learned about through Matt’s ex-wife/my guardian angel, Olivia. This is OK with Dr Childs, as long as it will not interfere with the post-op treatments and healing, but she will discuss with the medical oncologist, and doesn’t foresee any problem. It is a derivative of green tea and capsicum (chili pepper) which synergistically works to destroy the protein layer which forms over normal cells and turns off the normal death mechanism of the cells causing them to grow out of control (fascinating, no?). It’s touted as a stand-alone cancer cure. I will use it as a just-in-case treatment after the operation is over.

I am working out daily, creating art projects and going on nice dates with my darling Matt. My hospital stay will be private and quiet to concentrate on healing my way out of there. Your thoughts and encouragement are genuinely appreciated. I am quite scared of what my precious body is about to endure, but my gaze is ahead on the light at the end of the tunnel.


Photo by Audrey Rader

Starting Weds: St John’s Hospital (310) 829-5511
2121 Santa Monica Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90404-2091

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  1. Richard Kreuzkamp

     /  May 23, 2012

    I commend you for your strength and courage during this most trying time. My heart goes out to you and Mat. Your Cousin Krinkle

    • cancer4me

       /  May 26, 2012

      Hi Krinkle! It’s great that you can keep in touch on here, and see what the latest is. I have some good news which I’m about to post now.

  2. donna joslyn

     /  May 21, 2012

    it sounds as if you have wonderful care and will do really well. all my thoughts and best wishes are focused on you both. donna

  3. Uncle Gary

     /  May 21, 2012

    My thoughts will be with you.
    I’ll be in LeGrande at Erin’s recital. We’ll be saying a prayer for you.
    Uncle Gary

  4. Courtney

     /  May 20, 2012

    We’ll be thinking of you, Michelle. Stay strong!

  5. Pat Gotch

     /  May 20, 2012

    Hi Michelle,
    You will be in our thoughts for the duration! We’ll be routing for you all the way. You seem to be in good hands all around! Before you know it, this WILL be over.
    Pat and Dan Gotch


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