Well, healing is full of ups & downs.

Today wasn’t so good, a lot of yucky tummy and long naps. I’ve downgraded from liquid diet to ice chips (booo!). But my vitals are all normal, and all staff confirm that this is normal experience while healing.

I have gone on some walks with Matt through the halls. He is cracking me up! During the walk, we witnessed an irate woman scolding some hospital staff because her husband had a double room, and he was supposed to have a single. They kept telling her to talk to her charge nurse, that they couldn’t do anything about it. Matt said “We don’t even have a room”. She didn’t like that. She said, “Well, there you go then!” and stormed off. So the whole way back to our room we pretended we were wayward patients looking for a room. Every room we passed he said, “looks like this one’s taken, oh wait there’s a bed in the hall, we’re homeless, is that taken?” All the while we are wheeling around my IV.

I just woke from a nap and thought it was morning, and it’s not. So today is an incredibly long day, and I’ve completely lost track of am/pm!

Also, I can’t get a picture of Love. She doesn’t do pictures, but I understand that, so you’ll have to take my word – she is Lovely.

While I can’t leave you a picture of Love, I will leave you with this, post-op silliness, styled by Matt.


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