Good news abounds!

Firstly, last night sucked. I was sick much of the night. I was fortunately able to sleep in good chunks, but was in a state of waiting for the vomit to happen. Apparently something is blocking my stoma! When the liquids produced by my body processes don’t have anywhere to exit the body, they build up and build up, then they are forced upward.

Nextly, my surgeon ordered x-rays to identify what in my belly is making me sick. Turns out a blockage of swelling around my stoma is holding everything inside. This is normal, I am told, and will resolve itself in time.

Then, she comes into my room, manually clears me all out with a tube extended from inside my stoma (very impressive). Matt has become her right hand man as he holds the tube in the bucket for the draining, and she is explaining in great technical detail what she is doing and why. Then her eyes light up like an exclamation point, and she says:

“OH! Good news! The results of your pathology are, no spreading of cancer cells anywhere. You are clean!”

Matt & I had a good cry there, tears of joy! This is what we were going for. What Matt said then: “We’ve summited”.

I am feeling tons better, physically, now, with some cramping in my intestines and some fatigue. My typing is also a bit loopy, I guess the drugs are affecting my faculties!

But I still feel well enough to update you.

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  1. wonderful! I am so glad

  2. Pat Gotch

     /  May 26, 2012

    Great news, Michelle! So happy. Keep up the improving! And… sorry about all that vomit.


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