Ok, this routine is getting OLD!

After a successful night of moving fluids through to my new illiostomy, the stoma has stopped putting out fluids. That means more rounds of throwing up as my normal body processes produce liquid that fills my digestive system to over-full.

Having more energy now, I tried everything recommended to me to get the fluid moving again, including sitting upright, standing more, walking around, even pressing on my stomach. Still no response.

You can imagine this is discouraging to me, as I had such high hopes of healing quickly and leaving here by this time. Medically, there is still nothing worth worrying about, and nothing out of the ordinary, it’s just taking longer than expected. I miss eating food, and crave so many things, but water is my best friend right now, and the other stuff will have to wait.

Dang! My guts are stubborn!


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  1. Uncle Gary

     /  May 28, 2012

    Sorry you’re having so much trouble. It will get better, Pat says so.
    Meanwhile, I’m having sympathy gut. There’s a party going on in there & I don’t remember inviting anyone, they just showed up.

    Hang i.n there.
    Love, Uncle GARY

    • cancer4me

       /  May 30, 2012

      Oh no! Matt is too! Hope there is not too much ‘worrying’ going on on your part!

      Thanks Uncle Gary 🙂


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