Dashed into town today for an unplanned exam: What Next?

Yes, the surgery is on.



Since Friday after my enema contrast exam, I had been suffering from some pretty severe back pains. They would come and go, but when the pain came on, it was miserable, nearly to the crying point. Last night I had a bad feeling that these pains were actually in my kidney, because it wasn’t my back that was hurting, but just to the left at the edge of the rib cage, right where one would place a kidney.

So at 11 at night, I was online looking up kidney ailments and causes for kidney ailments. Could it have been the contrast enema on Friday? The multitudinous daily supplements? All the electrolyte water I’m drinking? PMS? A pinched nerve? I thought I must be alright, but I couldn’t be sure, and I have surgery scheduled early Wednesday morning.

I called the doctor this morning to tell her of my suspicions, and she felt it best to get a scan done to make sure I’m ready for the surgery tomorrow. She got me in at the imaging center this afternoon, so I drove in alone and had a CT of my abdomen and pelvis, and all results came back clear. It must be a muscle spasm, but I sure wanted to be well going in to surgery. So now I know, and I know that I am ready for the next surgery, very ready!

All chemicals are being banished from my body now. Rather than the happy hour with Audrey & Roxanne that I had planned, I’m just going to rest.

I’ve read other peoples’ horror stories about unplanned and unwanted events, and to tell you the truth,

I’m glad I have my problems rather than some of those others. But what next?

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