One week post take down, still waiting to exhale.

Well, it has been 1 1/2 weeks since the last surgery, the ileostomy take down. The relief of knowing that I am finished with treatments and surgeries indefinitely is blissful, on one level. Here and now, and I wish I could say differently, it ain’t so smooth.


mmm… sausage…

Beginning from hospital discharge (a week ago Friday), my health was powering on better than expectation, and my optimism showed it. Later that night, my bowels slowed, then stopped. For days I did not have a bowel movement. So I was in pain from the surgery, pain from stubborn muscle spasms in my back, and my digestive tract was filling up like a stuffed sausage.

I consulted some online forums, and evaluated the home treatment options (remember I am sick a 40 minute drive from any pharmacy), and did everything that I thought would give me relief; extra fluids, walking, moving, stretching… I thought, “Maybe this is a blockage!”. When inflammation or scar tissue constricts the passage of waste in the digestive tract, then I go back to Day 3 Post-Op and everything I take in comes back up. So now my stomach is distended, I’m cramping all over, and I am anxious, too.

I called my doctor Monday morning wondering what to do next. Her suggestions: Milk of Magnesia, anything with Magnesium citrate, lots of fluids, eat high-residue foods (Really? Eat more?), move around. The next day, I wasn’t feeling any better, and she agreed to fit in an appointment Tuesday.

Tuesday, I can’t go into detail here to spare some gruesome details, also to block the memories from my mind. Essentially, I got an exam and a mini flush of the colon. And my bowels began to let loose. Whew! Hoping for the best, I hauled my tired a** home with Matt and a bottle of Milk of Magnesia (ick).

And so the pendulum swings in the other direction.

Now the stools were water. Lots and lots of water.

After about a day and a half, that behavior halted. I felt relief inside.

Then my stitches began feeling sore. This takes me back to the earlier blog “What Next?

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