Remember in school when we got progress reports to show our parents how we are doing?

It’s time for a progress report!

All things considered, I can say that I am doing very well indeed. I wish I were closer to the end of my medical bill horror show, but alas, it won’t be finished by year’s end like I was hoping. Mostly the expected stuff I suppose; nobody wants to kiss off their money charged, but like I’m trying to make clear to the medical billing departments, “You can’t squeeze blood out of a turnip!”

It doesn’t help that the insurance company before the procedure was performed did not disclose to me that, “Oh, your hernia surgeon, medical team and procedure are all covered, *but* the hospital is not!” So, I owe a quarter of the bill on that procedure which *should* have been covered… argh! But I won’t bore you too much with the details.

Besides that…

…with a few minor modifications post-hernia, I am back to my old ways. The ‘modifications’ I am referring to are things like not using the torso for ANYTHING besides standing up straight. Don’t want to undo that new hernia mesh. Also not lifting anything. Sorry Matt, packing I can do, but moving boxes is up to you, Babe.

A follow-up blood test at my oncologist’s office gave a clean report, meaning I am still in remission and starting off on the right post-treatment track.

I had a bit of a horror the other night when I looked at my poor scarred belly, and noticed a new bump. Ohhhhh. That’s not good. Even Matt had to admit that it looked new and a little unusual. This is the paranoia I referred to in this post. Well, since that day, nothing has changed, fortunately. I go on wearing my “belly bra” and hoping that it won’t get worse, or that it was just angry that day and will go away.


New Plumbing

Bowel habits are, well, different forever, but I will definitely grow into them. The list of inconveniences in order of ‘annoying’:

– stains in the panties!
– I don’t know whether gas means *just gas* or if something comes with it.
– I have to “go” soon after a meal… 2 or 3 times.
– prickly butt when I’m hiking (for some reason thorough wiping isn’t as effective as it once was). Matt suggests a toilet paper barrier.
– bladder infections: a new phenomenon to me! Arrgh! And dang if it doesn’t happen just before a long road trip, every time so far.

So, in regards to the new plumbing, there is nothing that I can’t live harmoniously with, and there is nothing to say that it won’t get better with time. Still the evidence shows that I have experienced life-long changes this year that the average Joe/Jane does not have, and now I am among an elite group of ‘special’ individuals who have to do laundry more often than average.

The rose-colored short story is: Life is good, and every day is a bonus!

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  1. Jack and Kay

     /  December 16, 2012

    Hi Babe: What a journey!! I’m so pleased that Matt has been a total trooper at your side. These major medical curves tossed at a human during life are real tests of courage. We can be thankful for modern medicine. It is really amazing what can be done to you in the operating room. You have been in our prayers and thoughts since the beginning. I remember exactly where Kay and I were when we first heard about your ordeal last February. We had just lost three family members including my mother between January 14th and your diagnosis. We lost two more friends in the weeks following. Then in May my favorite cousin was finally diagnosed with ALS. She is now totally paralyzed below the neck. I’m one of her Trustees so we work together often. I’m so ready to bid 2012 goodbye farewell.
    I’m sure you are ready for a fresh year to begin as well. Your parents are with us this weekend and sound asleep in the next room. We are looking forward to a visit with you and Matt.

    Take care, Jack

    • cancer4me

       /  December 18, 2012

      Wow, what a year, Jack. I didn’t realize you had so much going on, in such a short time. So many losses. So many people with the good fortune to have you and Kay in their lives – like I am! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, prayers and support with me, in spite of all the tragic loses. Take care of yourselves, people need you! Love & hugs,


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