Ok, I have some catching up to do.

Working hard, both Matt & I, on our new lives here in the Pacific Northwest! It is important to impart that the health progress is great; Matt and I both feel in good health, happy, productive and optimistic about the future.

Michelle: Doing some restorative care – re-building strength and flexibility (fitness & yoga), which was lost during the last year of cancer treatments. Also, working as a tour guide of the NW corner of the state of Oregon for some income. Due for a one-year colonoscopy follow-up exam. Wish me luck!

Matt: Bought us a house, busily working on home improvements (not saying exactly where on this web posting to maintain some coveted privacy). Also, investment wheeling and dealing, a new-found passion of Matt’s!

Since being home in the lovely Pacific Northwest life has been extraordinarily busy and uniquely upside down. Here are the highlights:

mokume-gane styles

Mokume-gane styles

Selected and bought our wedding rings

No, we don’t have a date planned yet. We felt that commitment in our hearts will tide us over until we get to the plannin’ stage. We will be having a celebration, not necessarily a traditional wedding format. The wedding rings are this awesome mokume-gane design acquired from The Real Mother Goose Gallery of Contemporary American Craft in Downtown Portland. Mokume-gane is a traditional Japanese metal design process. It is a “marriage of metals”, and means “wood grain” in Japanese. We are both so excited to be wearing our rings, even before marriage!

Transitional living

Living in an RV on the street, the same one we lived in off and on for four years! Boy will we appreciate having a home! Especially a kitchen, storage space, space to set things down??? You know, the little things!

We bought and are moving into our dream home

Like the rings, we are both really excited about this place, and feel the hard work we put in to finding the right home paid off! It’s a terrible market to buy in. My advice, don’t bother. Kidding, if you are thinking of buying, just be prepared to look at a lot of places.

Yoga and fitness, getting stronger every day

Matt & I have started doing yoga on a regular basis, Matt has a daily routine, and when I am not working as a tour guide, we do yoga together. We can see results of our stretching, and always feel great afterward. Best part of our day!


Account is past due: Still managing medical bills accrued from last year’s illness

Man, oh man. I can’t believe the utter pain in the a** this has been. But rolling along with the setbacks. I think the company, CoPatient, I recruited to help me dispute unfair medical costs from the past year’s medical disaster has decided I did such a great job that I didn’t leave any work for them to do.  Whatever, if they can win money back for me, then great, if not, then great.

All of these things, while exciting and demonstrate forward progress from where we were at this time last year, they are keeping me from publishing any new blog posts!

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