Frustrated-Angry-medical-billingRegarding medical billing, this continues the saga.

This has been a pain in my a** since the diagnosis. I hired a medical billing advocate last year whom I optimistically believed could help me with my crappy insurance plan. Maybe guide me through approaching medical billing offices and my insurance company about unfair billings, and possibly win me back some of the medical costs.

Nope. All the money I won back I did on my own. I was tired of it, too. Wasting time on hold, writing letters of complaint, examining EOB’s, bills, statements… After a while, I just paid the balances, and eventually avoided seeing doctors altogether. Thanks to the broken medical insurance system and my being forced into an inadequate insurance plan years ago, then no hope to change it. I realized I had no control over what would get billed to me. Receiving surprise bills for procedures, doctors, treatments, etc, which should have been covered and having to contest every bill, I was tired. Yep. Not cool at all, especially for a cancer survivor.

This year I was given the hope of starting a new “Cadillac” insurance plan with no regard to pre-existing conditions that was *affordable* because of Obamacare and my insurance broker, and I was going to wait for it to begin before getting anything more done!

Kiss my A**, Assurant Health ~ Hello Moda! 

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