No cramps, no pains, no struggle with the bowels; my body is finally happy.

The last few weeks have been quite difficult. I’ve been pretty quiet about it wanting only to concentrate on getting my body better. Although I knew that eventually my body would be happy again, I just felt worn out. Fear of inciting abdominal cramps kept me from moving, and there was no finding a comfortable position. It took agonizing minutes just to roll my sore gut over in bed. What I ate and what, if anything, I should eat haunted me at every meal. I didn’t want to upset any balance in comfort I may have found. Persistant concern over bowels that were either stopped up or gushing made my foreseeable life miserable. I have never known chronic pain or discomfort like what I felt the past weeks.

Prior to my Monday meeting with Dr. Childs, I rounded a corner in physical comfort and emotional health. What exactly caused the relief from cramps and gas of the past weeks, no one knows for sure; the rest, the switch to low-residue foods, a combination?

Pains subsided three days ago, and now doing yoga stretches without pain brings me tears of joy.

It is common to feel we don’t have the guts or inborn vision to push through tough lifetime events. I am astute to this lesson now. I read this recently:

“If you’re going through hell, keep going.”

– Sir Winston Churchill

I kept my sights on the light at the end of the tunnel, and my body is finally happy!



The next chapter in colorectal cancer recovery is: Balancing the Bowels.


Not OK on low residue diet


OK on the low residue diet

I wish I could say recovery has gone well, but it has been quite bumpy. I’m frankly getting worn down to the wick and frustrated. The biggest problem is that I’m too healthy! Yeah! My bowels aren’t tolerating my healthy diet!

At first it helped. High fiber foods, basically what Matt & I keep in the kitchen, are whole grains, fresh vegetables, etc. These were helping my system loosen up, but now it’s a curse and I need more refined foods,  like white bread, white rice, bakery foods, etc. All stuff we stay away from as a rule. On top of the diet is the medication – antibiotics, pain relievers and supplements, which all throw a monkey wrench into the machinery.

And I still need more rest. I am trying to take on some simple chores, such as grocery shopping, but afterward I am punished with debilitating cramping and fatigue.

This is a phase that I ‘just have to get through’; part of the healing. Matt is trying to adapt to my ever-changing needs, and is an amazingly compassionate and attentive partner, but at some point the caretaker, as the patient, gets worn down. Matt & I are looking forward to moving on to the ‘next phase’ of our lives, and to our trip north.

Currently, I have a couple of great books, and plenty of time to sit still and read them – such a rarity for a ‘well person’!

When the bowels are balanced, we will be enjoying friends again. Until then, it’s rest and relaxation!

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