Yes! Successful J-Pouch Surgery!

Matt & I are celebrating many things:

– Successful j-pouch surgery!

– Successful bowel movements!

– Shedding of all bags and tubes!

– Early discharge from the hospital!

I am outta here!

Good bye $500 per night room (which we got bumped to for free).

Good bye all-white hospital meals (which you look forward to when you’re hungry and weak).

Good bye lovely nurses who take vitals every 6 hours.

Good bye beds that heave and machines that go beep during the night.


White hospital food

My blessings to all who continue to fight for their lives and are forever entrenched in the medical system. At the hospital I met and saw many, and am familiar with lonely and dreary days when you don’t know when you will go home.

Upon leaving the building, I will be on track to an active, low-stress lifestyle.


It’s Discharge Day!pain_scale_faces

Today is the day Matt & I make a break for freedom!

No tubes

No tags

No required measurements

No cancer

A happy stoma

It’s all about peace & quiet of the mountain in Malibu now. Back to routine, back to healing, back to cooking and eating and freedom.

We’ll be back here at the hospital (I’m sure they’ll have a name plaque on the wall for us by then, ha ha) in July for the ‘reversal’ where I will have the intestines reattached and everything put back together. Then we test the new J-pouch system the Dr. Childs created for me. This procedure will call for a few days in the hospital (trying not to think of Gilligan’s 3 hour tour).

Both Matt & I are in good spirits. We celebrated the final evening watching episodes of Portlandia and Jon Stewart, eating and drinking merrily and BS-ing with the nurses. They’ll miss us when we’re gone. For a few minutes.





Matt is so impressed by my new stoma he wants to make a video and put it on YouTube. He’s a funny bastard, people.

If he does, we’ll post it here first!

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