2/27/12 Mon. AM

This morning as early as a 4am bathroom trip, I felt different. I noticed very clearly an ‘elevated’ feeling. I felt the energy of dozens (?) of people praying for and thinking of me since the diagnosis 3 days ago. I imagined myself wearing a loose, flowing wrap billowing in a breeze. Just the spirit form of my self. I felt my journey was to begin now.

Then, upon wake-up this morning, I imagined myself a soldier marching into gunfire. Suddenly I felt scared; an anxious unease in my gut. I started to cry, then I told myself to put it out of my mind. All my community, friends and family, looking out for me; Matt constantly covering me, holding me, feeling for me… I must head straight into my battle.

Today is different.

Today Matt and I will drive in to the GI follow-up where time will speed up, where I will choose to get my care in Portland or in LA. I will send an announcement to my list. I will research surgeon recommendations, medical facilities, insurance guides, and either start packing for Portland or not?

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