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Friends of Kimberli – Finding Beauty in Cancer


Finding Beauty Photo Shoot

This is a blog written by Kimberli Ransom, a professional photographer diagnosed with breast cancer. I met her because of our mutual friend Dan Betenbender. Dan told me I should connect with her, which I did through her blogsite, and possibly offer resources or support from my own experience with rectal cancer.

As with other cancer blogs I follow, Kimberli’s has a beautiful strength and openness and a desire to share her feelings, experiences and how she copes very creatively. I like her blog because she writes about a rich set of friends who share their expertise to help her express her fight. They contribute photography, fashion, poetry and other media. I think she is really giving her immediate community an opportunity to participate and learn, like a large-scale art project. An opportunity where all will come away with deeper connections with each other, and a deeper understanding of their feelings toward life and mortality. Really cool.

This post, The Real Thing Shoot, is a collaboration with her friend Paige, a photographer, shooting one of Kimberli’s chemotherapy sessions, and particularly capturing the tension, emotion and humorous moments between Kimberli and the hospital staff. Paige had had a major illness herself and had lost a family member to cancer, as well, and was particularly astute in capturing the light moments and the anxious moments. It is too big to add here on my blog, but very worth visiting her blog.


Kimberli with staff

Teamwork very well done.

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