Arianna Huffington: Prioritize Beating Stress

Big Idea 2013: The Year We Prioritize Beating Stress

arianna_huffington_beating_stressArianna Huffington posted this article on her LinkedIn page that I felt eloquently summarized my beliefs on stress developed over the course of my cancer fight.

Ms. Huffington writes from a perspective that I believe is both balanced and realistic. She also holds a profound concern and optimism for the population, and uses her resources to make lives better. Here she identifies a problem which affects most people, then reminds us that to some degree we control the factors that give us stress, and to look for opportunities to improve our stress levels.

“Similarly, we want to use this moment — the end of one year and the beginning of another, and all the hopes, aspirations, reflection, and resolutions that are part of this interstitial moment — to summon the ingenuity we all possess in order to reduce stress.”

“The philosophy behind Less Stress, More Living is based on two truths: that we all have within us a centered place of harmony and balance, and that we all veer away from that place again and again. That’s the nature of life. In fact, we may be off-course more often than we are on-course. If we understand these two truths and prioritize reducing the destructive effects of stress in our lives, 2013 can be the year we reconnect with our own creativity, wisdom, and joy.”

Isn’t that just beautiful? Please read and enjoy.

Life may be out of your control, but prioritize beating stress. Realize that you have amazing control over your life.


3/10/12 Sat PM

How’s Matt Feeling?

Thank goodness for George Carlin. When things are low, it’s George Carlin therapy.

Because Matt is my support, wonderfully loving and extraordinarily protective, he takes on lots of stress due to my new illness. He puts in a lot of energy driving me to appointments, being my friend, cooking for me, keeping neighbors updated, and thus sacrificing his projects and obligations, etc.

I try to remind him to be easy on himself because we’ve had a big change with my diagnosis added to the stresses that existed already. With so much on his plate, I completely understand being easily frustrated and tense. he always seems to rebound back to my darling man. He was open when I told him of a counselor available at St Johns for free. That way, at least I can learn what I can do to support my mate, after all, we are a team in this game together.

2 days of chemo, and 3 days of radiation. I get weekends off of radiation. I feel like I should feel ‘poisoned‘ today because of the chemo pill regimen, but I don’t. Not sure what accounts for that, but I’m grateful!

My mom forwards me positive messages from friends in Portland. It’s very nice to be in touch, even indirectly. They appreciate my updates and humor. I think it goes a long way to making people comfortable about such a journey, which is very mysterious, in most cases. I have to say, my influences are Lance Armstrong, Olivia Newton-John, and others who are open and reach out to help people understand their condition, feelings around a bad diagnosis.

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