Celebrating a Milestone

Friday was the last day of radiation and of chemo treatments!!! I’m so thrilled I no longer have to plan day trips into the city to be at the radiation lab, and have fewer pills in the daily pill orchestration, which this last six weeks had become a lifestyle of necessity. Matt & I were able to have some fun on our trips, but are both glad to be back in control of our daily schedule. And now I get to heal!

I decided yesterday at my exit appointment with my radiation oncologist that I DO have a yeast infection, and therefore will need to begin antibiotics. So, after our appointment, I was sent upstairs to the diagnostic lab to submit a urine sample to verify the infection.

I had thought that I would be free, like a student who finished exams, and could now enjoy summer vacation. Instead, after my exams, I’ve been told I have some credits to make up. At least the infection waited until the end of the treatments, otherwise I would have been given time off to heal, then come back and finish treatments, and I just wanted it to be done!

So my bum is sunburned, anus swollen, poos are like formed kitty litter (what is that all about??), and crotch is brutally sore and itchy. Now I am starting to feel relief, and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It will be 1 ½-2 weeks before normalcy.

The next week is all about the three R’s: Reading, wRiting and Relaxation. Until my parents arrive!

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